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Sage Canyon School

Sage Canyon School
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Lunch Information and Standards

Nutritious lunches are offered for a fee through Choicelunch. Please find more information through our Child Nutrition Services Department.  Milk is also available to students, for a nominal annual fee.  Please submit the order form and payment by check for milk made payable to DMUSD. Under state and federal regulations, students from low income families are eligible for free milk and a free lunch. Information is available in the School Office.


  • Primary teachers walk students to the lunch area, upper grade students walk to lunch on their own.
  • Grade levels have assigned lunch times
  • Students must remain at their tables for a minimum of 15 minutes, however students have as long as needed to eat and enjoy the social interaction of a meal with their classmates and peers.
  • Students will signal that they are ready to be dismissed for recess by a supervising adult once their lunch area is clean of trash and minor spills.