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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Preparedness
The following information is provided to ensure parents/guardians know what to do and know the procedure to pick up their children in the event of a school-wide emergency or an event that causes students to be released at an unplanned time. Please note, phones may not be answered in the event of an emergency. We recommend you tune in to one of the local radio stations listed below for updated information. Your children will only be released to the parent/guardian or designated person listed on their emergency card. Please note: During an emergency situation, we will be unable to attempt to contact parents/guardians. This means the first person who arrives at the school and is listed on the emergency card will be able to sign out and leave with your child. The school will make a note of who signs a student out and their destinations so a parent/guardian will know how to locate their child.
Information for Parents
  • All schools in the Del Mar Union School District maintain an Emergency Preparedness Plan, which is reviewed and updated annually.
  • To ensure students and staff know what to do when a disaster occurs, an emergency drill (fire, earthquake, and/or lock-down drill) is practiced monthly during the school year.
  • Students will only be released to individuals listed with your child’s emergency information. Be sure to update your child’s emergency card during the school year if there are any changes.
If There Is An Emergency
  • Listen to the radio/television – DO NOT telephone the school.
  • Earthquake – check your home for gas or water leaks, then walk to the school if you can.
  • Intruder on campus: campus will be on lock down. Please do not come to the school and do not call in to the office or your student’s cell (keep lines free for police).
  • If an emergency occurs, students will remain at school under the supervision of school personnel until the school principal has given the dismissal order.
  • No student will be dismissed from the school unless a parent or designated adult takes custody of him/her during the release process. A child will only be allowed to leave with persons listed on the student’s emergency card. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Picking Up Your Child In An Emergency Situation
  • When you arrive at the school to pick up your child, please remain calm and patient while we go through the process of validating permission, etc.
  • Bring I.D. (driver’s license or passport). This is critically important to ensure the students are released only to authorized people.
  • DO NOT BLOCK emergency vehicles. The school must have open access for emergency equipment and vehicles. If possible, walk to the school. Keep cars away from the campus and parking lot. Once you arrive at the campus, you will be directed to the dismissal area.
  • Please do not take any children without first getting them properly released. The school must maintain an accurate record of students being picked up by authorized adults.
  • Once you arrive at the dismissal area, wait for your turn, and identify yourself and whom you are picking up. Present your identification to the staff member who is helping you. Remember you must be listed on the emergency card if picking up students. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • This procedure will take some time! Do not be in a hurry or panic. The dismissal procedure is set up to make sure each child is released to an authorized adult, to account for each child, and to make the atmosphere as calm and non-stressful as possible for both the students who are waiting and the parents/guardians who are checking the students out.
  • After signing out the children, please leave the campus immediately.