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About Us

Sage Canyon School, which opened in 2000, is a school where staff work collaboratively to pursue an extraordinary school experience for our children.  Our classrooms and campus are filled with excitement and joy that comes from focused attention to a strong academic core and high-quality instruction, mastery of the skills that matter most, and environments that inspire the work of groups and individuals. 
Our steadfast attention to personalization, student agency, collaboration, cultural intelligence, and design thinking develop our strong academic core as well as promote environments that are alive with critical thinking, real ­world applications to solving problems, and curiosity that is encouraged via creativity and innovation.                                                                       
Our STEAM+ program supports robust and engaging opportunities for students to experience an interdisciplinary approach to learning supported by specialized instruction from credentialed specialists in science, technology, art, music and physical education. 
Our students’ social and emotional development is supported by a calm and safe school environment that helps children develop skills of empathy, the ability to manage emotions, as well as problem-solve in a safe and respectful manner.
On behalf our entire staff, thank you for enrolling your child at Sage Canyon School. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to work alongside you in our relentless pursuit of the extraordinary school experience!